Crowdfunding over the years has become a truly valid source of investment for products, music, movies, etc that normally might have a hard time seeing the light of day. IndieGoGo has been one of those websites at the forefront of this kind of service, and now, they have an Android app, all the better to follow your favorite projects and discover new ones as well.

While the iOS app has been in existence since July this year, it took its sweet time to finally arrive on the Android platform. But at least now, you’ll be able to keep track of all the projects you’ve funded or are keeping a close eye on, whether it’s a new gadget, an independent movie, or an artist’s new album. You will also be able to find new campaigns from recommendations by the app, based on what you’ve previously funded or followed.

The search function on the app is pretty nifty as you can explore it either by category or by date of project expiration. And if you feel like sharing a particular campaign to your friends or on your social networks, the sharing option is pretty easy to follow (as all apps normally should have). You can also explore all the campaign perks that you’ll be able to joy, in case you’re still dillly dallying on whether to support the project or not.

You can download the IndieGoGo app from the Google Play Store for free. Of course funding projects will entail credit card details, but just like other crowdfunded projects and sites, you will only be billed once the project is successful and completed, depending on the project’s settings.