We’ve already answered (well, sort of) the age-old question of why did the chicken cross the road with that crazy game Crossy Road. Now, we’re faced with another dillema: why did the man cross such an insane road (or roads) in this newest endless arcade game? That is what you’ll be facing when you play this new Android game called Mad Hop, and even if it’s similar to the aforementioned chicken crossing game, it also has a charm all its own. That is, if you find the possibility of jumping across streets to your death charming.

The game’s storyline is that you have to escape a mad safari and you can do so by jumping across streets, highways, rivers, etc and avoiding such creatures like elephants falling from the sky. Just like chickens, your character gets to jump across these challenges simply by tapping on your device. If you want to do a long jump, you just tap and hold. But be careful though because if you over-jump or your timing is off, it will become a jump to your death (just a digital death, don’t worry).

There are 18 different playable characters that you will eventually unlock as you play the game. You also get surprise daily gifts the more you play. The 3D pixelated graphics are cute and fun, plus you get to encounter hundreds of different animals in the “funky safari”. Competitive players will also get to compare their scores to other players in the leaderboard and share their high scores on social media.

You can download Mad Hop for free from the Google Play Store. There are no in-app purchases, so your credit card is safe.