Cricket Wireless has announced news of a family plan. This plan is immediately available and those with two or more smartphones will be able to take advantage. Those interested will need to use Cricket’s Automatic Bill Pay feature in order to be eligible, but the basics of this family plan are the same as the currently available $50 per month unlimited plan.

The key here, those picking the family plan will see a bit of a drop in price. Cricket has said the family plan will be available at $40 per line. That is a $10 drop as compared to a single line account, but remember, you only qualify for this plan if you have two or more lines. The family plan includes unlimited talk, text and data (with 1GB of that data being full-speed).

The family plans also include Muve Music which will allow the users access to an unlimited amount of song downloads, ringback tones and ringtones. Finally, those looking to take Cricket up on this offer will be able to do so at any company-owned stores as well as with select dealers nationwide.

Otherwise, aside from this new family plan, Cricket maintains the previously existing individual plans which are priced at $50, $60 and $70 per month. These plans, similar to the $50 per month plan, offer unlimited talk, text and data. The difference here is with the data — the $60 per month plan includes 2.5GB of full-speed data and the $70 per month plan includes 5GB of full-speed data. Both the $60 and $70 per month plans also allow for mobile hotspot use.

[via Leap Wireless]