Black Friday is not just about lining up for hours and fighting over that last piece of discounted dress, but now it’s about waiting for your favorite online stores to offer the lowest and best deals during the entire weekend. If it’s smartphones you’re looking for, the Big 4 have various deals ongoing, but smaller players want a piece of the pie too. Cricket Wireless and U.S. Cellular are offering free and discounted phones for those switching to their services, in case you feel like letting go of your current plans.

With Cricket Wireless, they’re offering the ZTE Overture 3 with its selfie shortcut on the lock screen for free if you’re switching from another network. You also get huge discounts for other entry-level or mid-tier devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Halo ($79.99 for switchers, $99.99 for new or current customers), the Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime 2 ($39.99 for switchers, $99.99 for new or current customers), and the LG Fortune ($9.99 for switchers, $29.99 for new or current customers). These aren’t phones to set your world on fire, but if you need a backup device, these will do. You can already start availing of these deals before the rush of Black Friday weekend.

Meanwhile, over on U.S. Cellular, if you want the high end devices, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8, LG G6, or Moto Z Force for free if you trade-in a qualified smartphone and get their unlimited data plan. If you don’t have a phone to trade in, you can still get it at $10 per month on top of the unlimited data plan which start at $40/month per line for up to four lines. They’re also offering discounts on other products, like $50 off Google Home, 30% off LG Tones and 30% off Parrot Drones.

While the big 4, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, have certain advantages in terms of coverage areas, smaller carriers like Cricket Wireless and U.S. Cellular are also growing as some people are looking for less congested lines. So if you’ve been thinking about switching, now is a good time to do so.

SOURCES: Cricket Wireless, U.S. Cellular