One of the more popular series in the Cartoon Network is Ben 10, a show about a shape shifting hero. It has spawned off several game titles for Android devices and now, you can add another one to your collection, if you liked playing with the previous games. The Ben 10 Game Generator 5D now only lets you enjoy a whole new adventure with the titular character and his friends, but you can even create your own levels to make the game even more exciting (and personal).

You, as Ben, would have to battle through 50 new action-packed levels and with the help of the Omnitrix (the power that our hero possesses), you get past the puzzles, traps, obstacles, and of course the various enemies scattered all around. And just like in the series, you can even transform yourself into aliens like Articguana, Gravattack, Heatblast, Shocksquash and XLR8, plus two new characters called Ripjaw and Upgrade. All of them have their own special powers that will aid you in your journey.

But of course the selling point of this game is that you can create your own levels to add to the existing 50 levels. You can use any of the available 60+ game elements so as to make your own adventure and then share it to the world so they can play your level too. In the same way, you can also play the levels that have been created by other players.

You can download Ben 10 Game Generator 5D from the Google Play Store for an initial price of $3.60. However, it is only available in selected regions for now and when it does launch globally, it will probably cost a little bit more, based on iOS prices.