Ever since short (and we mean really short) videos started becoming popular on social media, there has been a glut of apps catering to this need to post 15-second “masterpieces” online. Vine, Instagram, and even Facebook have gotten in on the action. The popular video editor and creator Magisto has joined the fray as their latest update now allows you to create videos that can be posted on image sharing giant Instagram.

You don’t need to have a film degree to be able to make videos on Magistro. In fact, you only need three steps. First, you can choose which photos and videos you want to include in your montage. Then you can choose a theme or genre that will match the mood of your video. Finally, you need a soundtrack to make it even cooler, more dramatic or funnier. Then the app will automatically create the video for you.

Since Instagram only allows 15 seconds for its videos (an eternity compared to Vine’s 6 seconds), then that’s the length that Magistro will create for you. Once it’s done, you can quickly share it on IG and other social networks if you prefer. Last week’s update for Magistro also added a “Surprise Me” feature that lets the app create a “surprise” video for you based on pictures or videos that you’ve taken recently.

Of course if you have any talent or capability for actually editing videos, you would prefer to use an app that gives you more freedom than this. But if you would just like to have a simple video and let the app do all the work for you, you can try out Magistro and the best news is it’s for free from the Google Play Store.