Cover, the lockscreen replacement app has recently been updated. This update brings the version number to 0.1.8, but despite a jump with that, the app remains listed in beta. This update adds a few extra features, and will be most enjoyed by those with a device running Kit Kat.

That being said, this latest Cover update added music controls and a “slide to unlock” option. You can get an idea of what each of these will look like in the image sitting below. While both are seemingly welcomed additions, they are also both on the simpler side in terms of a necessary explanation.


The music controls will allow you to play or pause and also skip forward and backward. The setup also shows which app is responsible for the music (thanks to the icon on the left), track name, artist name and album art. The one catch with the music controls — you will need to turn these on by heading into the settings. To clarify here, the music controls will only be available for Kit Kat users.

The other item, the “slide to unlock” option means Cover users will be able to quickly head to the home screen, as opposed to the last app you were using. With that, the latest version of Cover has already arrived in the Play Store. Those with the lockscreen replacement already installed will get an update notification. And otherwise, while still in beta, this is open and available for all who want to play.

SOURCE: Cover, Google Play Store