Full-on launcher replacements have been a fairly popular topic amongst Android users lately. We have seen two launch in private beta status recently and it looks like we are now getting a look at a lockscreen replacement. This one is called Cover and while not yet available in the Play Store, it is said to be coming soon. Perhaps more important here, Cover brings the promise of being able to learn when and where you use different apps.

To do this Cover uses a mix of cell-tower and WiFi. But by learning the when and where, Cover will then be able to present the apps you are most likely to use. Or in other words, Cover appears as if it could make your smartphone a bit smarter. It is said Cover will be able to recognize whether you are at home, work or in the car. Based on each of the situations, you will have a special lockscreen with a tray of appropriate apps.

Each tray will fit in up to six apps, but there is more than just having a lockscreen that gives you appropriate shortcuts. Those shortcuts will also allow you to peek inside. A simple swipe will have the lockscreen moving and you seeing what the app has to show you, whether it be an appointment on your calendar or an image in Instagram.

Cover also allows you to set a custom ringer volume and wallpaper for each location. Another feature is multitasking. With Cover users will be able to jump between apps using a drawer that slides out from the right hand side. The right side drawer will contain icons for recently used apps.

In addition to having Cover present apps based on time and location, it can also provide apps based on other criteria. For example, plugging your earbuds will bring up a lockscreen with appropriate apps. For now, those interested will be able to request an invitation direct from Cover.