Managing your finances can still be tricky, even given the many digital tools that are now available for us. From the simple act of writing down purchases, scanning receipts, adding payment schedules to your calendar, to the more complicated apps whose features are all about finances, we have a lot more tools now to help us. Count finance manager is one of those more “complicated” tools, and the latest update brings even more features to the table, making tracking and budgeting kind of a breeze.

The app lets you add and delete transactions and record future and repeat transactions as well. You can also list down all the debts that are owed you and even those you owe too. If you have an upcoming project, event or major purchase, you can also create budgets and projections. And if you also use other apps and services, you can import the data from there.

The latest update to the app brings even more requested features to help you manage your finances well. You can also now include partial debt repayments as options for recording your debts and debts owed to you. The currency exchange rate operations have now been enhanced. If you’ve made budgets in the past and would like to compare them to the ones you’re doing now, you can now access them as well.

And for those paranoid or rather, concerned, about their security (after all, it’s money we’re talking here), the PIN screen has now been improved so you can be assured that “no one can spy on you now”. The update has rolled out to users, but if you don’t have Count yet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.