If you follow Android, you know that the father of the operating system, Andy Rubin, is no longer overseeing Android at Google. It has remained unclear exactly what Rubin will be doing after stepping away from leading Android. Forbes writer Jean-Baptiste Su has an interesting theory on what Rubin might be doing.

According to Su, when he heard the Rubin left Android “it was clear to me that it was not voluntary.” Sure, this is speculation but Su claims to have known Rubin for years so he should have some insight into the man. Su says that at first he thought perhaps Rubin would be taking over at Motorola. However, after Facebook announced its Android event for next week something else became a possibility.

This is all pure speculation, but it is certainly interesting to think that the father of Android might end up over at Facebook. If true, Rubin certainly wouldn’t be the first important Google executive to leave and go to Facebook. Sheryl Sandberg left Google to take a position right beneath the Facebook CEO previously.

What would lure Rubin away from Google to Facebook? Su thinks that it’s possible Facebook made Rubin an offer he simply couldn’t refuse. How cool would it be if Facebook lured Rubin away from Google with the promise of only working on Android and not having to mess with Chrome and other Google services. Interestingly, Rubin has also reportedly been tweaking his Facebook profile considerably of late. Could Rubin be the essential cog in bringing the long talked about Facebook phone to market?

[via Forbes]


  1. Andy Rubin as far as i know is still a part of google he is just not overseeing android anymore. It does not mean he left Google and is going somewhere else.


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