When you’re waiting in line at the bank or waiting for your friend at a cafe or waiting to fall asleep, your mobile smartphone or tablet is probably the best friend you could have. You can browse the web, look at your social networks, play various kinds of mobile games, or you could test your movie knowledge. Well, if you have the Cortana app installed in your device, you could do that last one. But fair warning, the movie game is kinda addictive so don’t blame us if you miss that dinner because you were too busy playing the game.

If you didn’t know it yet, Cortana is the Microsoft counterpart of Siri and Hey Google, but it is also an app available for other platforms like Android. If you install it in your smartphone or tablet, you can use it as your personal digital assistant, if you feel like trying something else. Now it has added another feature, this time for your entertainment. If you say “Play the movie game”, it will then give you a first clue about the movie it wants you to guess. You can answer by typing in the answer or saying it out loud.

If you get it wrong the first clue, don’t worry, as the game will give you two more clues before you either win, or you get your ego dented that you’re not as smart as you think. Simply say next or tap the next button after the clue if you don’t know it yet. But if you already know the answer, just speak it or type it out.

Cortona’s Play the Movie game will be activated once you’ve update to the latest version of the app. Just don’t forget that the Cortana for Android app is still in beta mode.

VIA: WM Power User