If you are using the Microsoft Band 2 paired with your Android smartphone, we have some good news for you (well, good, if you’re looking for a better voice assistant). Windows’ very own voice assistant Cortana will now be available for your smartwatch. This means that whether your Band 2 is paired with a Windows phone or an Android one, they basically now have the same features and functionalities. In semi-related news, an Outlook watch face is also now available for Android Wear devices.

Yes, you probably have your OK Google synced with your Band 2 since you’ve connected your wearable to your Android smartphone. But if you’d like to try out Window’s very own voice assistant, you now can do so. Use Cortana to get notifications for messages and calendar events just by speaking into your smart band’s microphone. What it can do on your Band 2 may still be limited as compared to the phone, but expect it to get more updates later on.

All you need to do is have Cortana for Android installed on your smartphone as well. You also need to be in the US, as it’s only available there for now. This will also only work on the Band 2 and not the original Band. There is also now an update to Microsoft Health app wherein you can challenge other friends who use the Band 2 as well to compete in activities like daily steps, bike rides, run, and cardio.

In a kind of related news, Outlook now has a watch face available for wearables on the Android Wear platform. You will be able to see your agenda for the day and in the next 12 hours, as well as how many new emails you’ve received since you last looked at your phone. You can also interact with these notifications, like sending a quick reply or sending a message if you’re running late to your appointment.


VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Microsoft Office