For some OEMs and even some device owners, it’s not enough anymore that you have something that will do all the basic things, including protect your smartphone or tablet or laptop. What they’re looking for in addition to that is either full customization or something that will make you stand out. Corning has now created the Vibrant Gorilla Glass which will not just protect your device as all Corning Glass-bearing gadgets do, but also provide you with a new decorative design technology.

A lot of devices already sport the Gorilla Glass hardened glass protection, but now OEMs can actually add multi-glass, high resolution, photo quality images to their devices in order to differentiate their product but without sacrificing the durability and clarity of the display of these devices. Corning actually has a proprietary process, ink, and equipment that will allow this customization on either a smartphone, tablet, or laptop/notebook that has the Vibrant Corning Glass.

In short, you will be able to put colorful pictures or logos or drawings onto the back of your device. A lot of smartphones and tablets now use a glass and metal fusion for the back anyways, so this tech or variant of the Corning Glass should prove handy. The designs can include “gradient colors and logos, photo-quality images and multi-color decorations.”

Knowing that not all brands or people have a great eye for aesthetic design, we might be seeing a few cringe-worthy smartphones, tablets, and even notebooks along the way. But again, having this option for customization is a good thing for consumers everywhere. Now let’s see which smartphone brand will bite first. They already have the new Chromebook by Acer so let’s see too if that will fly.

SOURCE: Corning