Corning is the leader in hardened and strengthened glass that’s been protecting all of our favorite smartphones and tablets over the past few years. At least from keys and the occasional scuff. Last year at CES they announced Gorilla Glass 2, and this year they’re set to announce the strongest most durable glass yet — Gorilla Glass 3.

Just as expected, Corning has used the past year to perfect their technology and provide some of the most durable yet thinnest glass available to keep our smartphones and gadgets strong — and sleek. While their glass won’t save you from a long and depressing drop right onto some concrete. It’s those keys, purses, pockets, and daily wear and tear that sets Corning apart. Check out our hands-on from last year with Gorilla Glass 2.

With Gorilla Glass 3 they’re claiming their product to once again be thinner than previous generations which makes phones thinner and displays more crisp, then they have improved the glass on a molecular level. This means that the appearance of scratches will also be harder to see, and less noticeable. They’re calling this Native Damage Resistance (NDR).

So while it’s thinner, lighter, and stronger, it will also help hide the “appearance” of flaws and scratches on your smartphone. Gorilla Glass 3 is said to be 3 times stronger than GG2, 40% more resistant to scratches and the visibility of said scratches, and then 50% stronger once the display becomes flawed. Meaning scratches won’t continue to get worse. We can expect Gorilla Glass 3 to make its way into most of the popular smartphones of 2013, and we’ll get some more details and hands-on at CES next week so stay tuned.

[via CNET]


  1. A pain in the glass… shatters easily… we have had two now that have broken and each time we are charged for the expensive insurance used to cover something that we thought was bullet-proof… spin… dont buy into it!


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