Chrome can be considered as the top Internet browser today. Google has definitely done a great job in this particular product by releasing regular updates. We’ve lost count of how changes and new features we’ve seen but we know the tech giant isn’t stopping anytime soon. We’ve also recently seen scroll anchoring and now it’s ready for the bigger public after months in beta mode. Next in like is probably this copyless paste.

Nothing is official yet but such feature has been sighted in one Chrome dev channel specifically Chrome version 59 and up. Feel free to check out this feature yourself by going to this URL: chrome://flags#enable-copyless-paste.

The next Google Chrome could be more intelligent than ever, letting you to paste keyword searches without having to copy. By that we mean the browser could be smart enough to remember what you’ve been browsing. It may try to understand the context of your latest web browsing activity so it could give relevant suggestions for text input. Chrome could see, based on your browsing history, what you would be copying next by showing a search suggestion.

The feature doesn’t seem to be ready on most Chrome browsers though as one XDA developer (Mishaal Rahman) shared. He said that when he asked another dev friend on Android O to check the feature, it didn’t work. It’s the same when he tried on Gboard as no suggestions were shown.

This will be one interesting change but looks like we’ll have to wait some more before the feature appears on the latest Chrome version.