If you are an Android user that needs a new GPS application with maps for the USA and you want, it on the cheap CoPilot Live may have just the thing for you. The company has announced a new Android app that sells for under $5 that has maps of the US.

Those maps are stored on your device so you can get GPS navigation even if there is no connection wherever you happen to be. The app has turn-by-turn driving directions and uses voice directions so you can navigate without taking your eyes off the road.

The app also features predictive address matching and has a POI database with millions of entries for things like gas, restaurants, and attractions. The app also has ClearTurn that shows a realistic depiction of lane indicators and arrows. The app includes 14 days worth of real time traffic service. A year’s worth of the traffic service is $9.99 and the GPS app itself is $4.99 for unlimited use as a onetime fee.


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