Cooking Mama is one of the most popular games in the dash type of time management games that we’ve come to love. There have been many spin off games and also imitation games that have tried to capture the winning formula of the original one. But now the game developers believe it’s time to refresh the brand and bring a new (well, newish) gameplay into the picture with Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Puzzle, now out for Android devices.

The whole game built its reputation on the step-by-step recipe creation with a timer type of gameplay that most fans are used to. But now, you have a match 3 game, where you need to match 3 of the Foo-Dons to make the dish. It is more frenetic and fast-paced and may drive you up the wall, but at least the instructions are pretty clear cut. To make a jumbo Foo-Don, you need to tap and hold the connected ones and they will stick together. The bigger the Foo-Don, the more points you get of course.

You will also get special quests and tasks that you need to fulfill, if you want your restaurant to be a continued success (and to earn more points of course). Papa and special guests will drop by every once in a while to keep you on your toes (and again, bring you moola). There are also events that you can join in to earn some rewards.

You can download Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Puzzle from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available but you don’t need to buy them if you want to earn points and rewards the old-school way.