There are some apps available out there, if you look hard enough, that will help you remotely control your PowerPoint when you’re presenting. But to have the actual makers of PowerPoint create an official app to do that for you and so much more is another (hopefully great) thing. Microsoft has just released their Office Remote app, which does exactly what its name says, remotely control your Office documents and presentations.

The app does a lot for your Office software, not just be a clicker for your presentation. Yes, it does bring you back and forth between your PowerPoint slides, but you can actually use it as a laser pointer by touching the part you want to highlight on your phone. You can also use it to preview the next slide, play and pause the audio or video files that are embedded, and use it as a timer and notes viewer while you’re presenting.

You can also use it to control both Word and Excel if you’re using it to present. For Excel, you can easily change worksheet by swiping through them. You can move up and down through the file and change the zoom level when you want to emphasize something. There are also Slicers, PivotTable, and Filters functions for your Excel. As for Word, you can scroll up and down as well, change the zoom levels, and go to the headings or comments.

To be able to use Office Remote, aside from downloading it from the Google Play Store, you also need to install the desktop add-in on your desktop computer or laptop. It also needs to be connected to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth. And last caveat, it will only work with Microsoft Office 2013 and not the earlier versions. So if you meet all those requirements, then enjoy using Office Remote.