There may be dozens to hundreds of photo editing apps available on the Play Store but for professional photographers, they only trust Adobe Lightroom. The program has numerous tools that have proven to be very useful, giving that pro quality all the time. If you’re an amateur photographer or a budding mobile photography enthusiast, you can use Lightroom instead of the regular photo apps out there that more often than not produce fake-looking and too obviously edited results.

The Control Room is a new app that brings a number of functionality and development and library management controls of Lightroom to your mobile phone. The goal is to improve workflow and simplify the editing and even sharing processes. This app actually works as an external control panel not only for editing photos but also for managing them within Adobe Lightroom.

This app allows users to use Control Room to make adjustments remotely and with speed via those entry fields and sliders. You will see many panels including Basic, Tones, Mixer, and Detail so you can enter values. You can also prepare different custom development panels for you to use. If you already have your presets, you are free to use them here.

Other convenient editing functions you can do include rating, flagging, labeling, and navigating between the photos. This also includes adding photos to a rapid collection. What’s even better is that this app and Lightroom reflect the changes in settings in real time.

Download Control Room from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Control Room