Google continues to improve its many products and services. Last week during the Google I/O conference, the tech giant has rolled out a number of new devices and mobile OS upgrades. Android Q changes are in focus because the platform needs major enhancements. It is on its way to becoming more secure and more private as it should be. The company also has another important goal. That is, to be more transparent with all the available data and information collected.

Google doesn’t just want the consumers deleting their files and data recklessly. There must be a system so there will be no heartache in the future.

Before, “OK Google” recordings can be easily deleted from the databases directly by the users. The move came about as a follow-up to the My Activity feature. This time, the Android team is allowing mobile users to access their data straight in the app’s settings.

Under the settings of the app, you will see a direct link to the data. Simply go to the Assistant inbox, select the profile pic, and then choose Settings. A summary of recent data should be available. It’s also where you can control or allow Google to collect any information from your web browsing, app usage, voice, marketing, and device.

The upgrade is also expected to show what Google does with old data. You can always control what the app can collect.

Google desires to be more transparent than ever and this is one way. However, My Activity appears to be faster especial from a browser. Important personal data can be reviewed after a while to give you a glimpse of your behavior. See if there is a pattern to your browsing or usage.

The particular update is said to be from Google’s server. There is no official announcement yet but the changes should all be available soon.


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