Google has announced today that we will start seeing content ratings for apps listed in the Android Market in a few weeks time. In a move to provide users with additional information to help in choosing which applications would be the best for them, Google is going to provide ratings for applications on four levels.

The rating levels include:

  • All
  • Pre-teen
  • Teem
  • Mature

Starting next week all applications that get submitted for update or initial entrance into the Android Market will need to have a rating included by the developer. In addition, developers will have the next few weeks to give a rating to all of their current applications on the Android market, if they fail to do so they will be labeled “Mature” until the proper rating is submitted.

[Via Google]


  1. Interesting, but most apps are pretty straightforward. The real issue, to the extent one exists, is the type of ads that are shown in the apps.


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