Construction Simulator 2 lets you become a construction business owner. For a short period of time, you can see for yourself how challenging it is to be one. It’s not easy because you need to operate and maintain large vehicles from big brands like Caterpillar, Bell, Atlas, Still, Palfinger, and Liebherr. In case you’re not familiar with all these names, now is that time because you’ll need to be the master of the cranes and finish road constructions as scheduled.

Knowing the construction vehicles is only half the battle. If you’re familiar with ‘Construction Simulator 2014’, this one is similar. You’ll be loading construction materials, pouring concrete, and then covering the streets with asphalt. There are lots of jobs for you to do so make sure you are ready for all of them.

You’re not just an ordinary construction worker. You own the company so it is in your power to know the ins and out of the business. You can lead your company into power by growing your fleet of machines and vehicles. There are over 60 construction jobs you can tackle. They’re more realistic to do and there are numerous upgrades to receive and unlock along the way.

Download Construction Simulator 2 from the Google Play Store