If you’ve always wanted to be a high seas conquerer, but not necessarily a pirate, then you can practice on this new Android game for that eventuality. Actually, this might be your only chance, unless you have a future career in the navy or something. But either way, Seabeard is all about going on an ocean and island adventure, forming communities wherever you go, and fulfilling your dream, whatever that may be.

Unlike some games where you have the time pressure to achieve all that you need to accomplish, Seabeard lets you play at your own pace, and lets you be whatever you want to be. You are following in the footsteps of the Captain Seabeard, and you are set on an adventure to explore uncharted lands and then build your own community there. You are not limited to being just the captain of a ship, but you can choose to be a traveling world-famous chef, an archaeologist digging up lost treasures, or just a plain ole adventurer.

You won’t run out of things to do and people to meet in this game, as the Perpetual Adventure Machine ensures that you’re kept busy trying to solve the problems of villagers in your chosen place of “residence”. You also get to choose and recruit people to join your crew, each with an important function to help you discover, conquer, and build. There are also a lot of personalization offers, like your outfit, dressing up the island to attract more visitors, etc.

You can also play with friends, both real and virtual, trade materials with them, and maybe even fight or work with them. You can download Seabed for free from the Google Play Store, with in-app purchases available, just in case you would need/want to.