Microsoft isn’t stopping with Android app development. It seems that the guys over at the Microsoft Garage Project have a lot of time in their hands that they’re producing a lot of new apps. There are dozens already and we doubt that the software giant is going to stop anytime soon. No, don’t expect that because Microsoft-developed apps are more than welcome.

This new app called Connections lets you manage relationship with contacts. No drama is involved here but the app simply allows the user to better manage information and whatever things are related to a certain contact. You can set reminders for your contacts or take quick notes if you need to be reminded of something. This way, you won’t forget that you need to do a follow-up, finish a task, or maybe even just connect with the person.

Connections provides the user information you need before taking a call from any contact. So if it’s your boss calling you, you can quickly see your notes or review whatever information he or she may need from you. The last note about your contact will be very helpful. You can also add images to your contacts so you can easily visualize the content or whatever topic related to a person. You can also put contacts in different categories. Add tags on each contact for easier searching in the future.

Download Connections from the Google Play Store



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