Bang & Olufsen is considered to be one of the most stylish and of course, more expensive brand of speakers out there. But if you’re rich enough to have more than one of them at home or in your office, then you probably would want to connect all of them together to create a multi-room audio system. Now you can do so with their very own platform called BeoLink Multiroom and with the help of some other features like the BeoMusic app and the BeoRemote One.

The biggest attraction to using this system is that it is so simple that even a toddler can do it (okay maybe not exactly a toddler, but you catch our drift). All you have to do is tap the speaker to link it or for it to start playing music. While tapping is simple enough, of course there are also other more complicated things you have to do to set it up (and more things to buy as well), but when you’re done, it should be easy peasy.


For example, if you have the BeoSound Moment or their adaptive music hub, you tap it to start listening in the living room while the connected speakers will play it in the kitchen. You can also use either the BeoMusic app from your smartphone or the BeoRemote One to control or steer the music. But those are optional things as well, as you can just be content with the BeoLink Multiroom platform.

But as with Bang & Olufsen products, this whole set-up doesn’t come cheap. The various speakers have their own price tags of course, but the BeoSound Moment itself will set you back $2,795. While most of the current products should work in the system, if you have older speakers, you would probably need the converter to connect it to the hub. But if you’re a fan of the brand and you can afford it, this is probably a must have.

SOURCE: Bang & Olufsen