Have you ever gone around the city you’re living in and think to yourself, “Man, I could have planned this whole place better if I had the chance!” Well, you probably won’t get that chance to rebuild it from scratch, even if you run for public office. But you can put all that frustration out on a mobile game, and one of those is a newcomer to the Android world called Concrete Jungle, now available on the Google Play Store.

The game actually started out on Steam but now you can play this combination of city builder and deck builder game wherever you want on your mobile devices. Your aim here is to clear city blocks by getting points from your residents so you can get more room to build. You have a deck of cards and you will use them to place your buildings strategically. As your city continues to grow, you will bet more buildings for your deck. But remember, each building you place will have an effect on its surroundings.


You get to choose from 8 playable characters that have different skills, unique cards, and playing style. There are more than 200 cards available in this game and you can choose to play by yourself or if you’re in a competitive mode, you can play against an AI. You can also play against your friends with a local competitive or co-op multiplayer mode with up to 4 people or against an AI as well. The story mode features hilarious, voice-acted dialogue, and the rich and atmospheric soundtrack will add to the fun.


You can download Concrete Jungle from the Google Play Store for $4.99. There are no in-app purchases available, so if this type of game is the kind you like to play, the price tag should be worth it.