It’s made with some slick aluminum, glass front, 3.8 inch display, 1042 x 640 pixel resolution, 3D camera system on the back (2 cameras) with 5Mexapixels each and HD 720p video with stereo sound, and that’s only the beginning! This is the “P’9530” Porsche smartphone by designer André Duarte Silva, straight outta the hallways of conceptual design publishers Yanko Design. Also included in this phone is a hidden speaker blasting from between the glass and the aluminum at the top, premium materials selected by Porsche engineers, instant record button, and more!

Also inside this device is an operating system “based on” AndroidOS (though I bet if this device would ever see the light of day, it’d simply be one of those “curated” Android experiences.) Get all your social contacts, simple home screen, news, and more with a stripped-down experience. Plus, as you can see to the right and left of the phone we’re talking about here, the designer (André Duarte Silva) appears to be expanding his line of Porsche phones as we speak! Hooray! Make it real!

[Via Yanko Design]