The latest comScore report has recently been released, this one is the 2013 Digital Future in Focus report. ComScore notes that this report highlights how the “prevailing trends in social media, search, online video, digital advertising, mobile and e-commerce are defining the current digital marketplace.” We of course, find the mobile related portion the most interesting.

Some of these numbers will likely sound familiar as other reports have recently been released. Or at the very least, while some of the numbers may vary — the end results should sound familiar. For example, touching on smartphones and we find Android and iOS as being the overall majority. The good news for us here, Android now accounts for 53.4 percent of the smartphone market with iOS coming in second with 36.3 percent.

Simply put, 89.7 percent of smartphone users now have either an Android or iOS device. Other details include how smartphone penetration climbed above 50 percent during 2012 and that tablet usage has also been on the rise. ComScore noted that more and more the average consumer is now using multiple devices, stating that due to “the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, and consumers’ increasing use thereof” we are now seeing a “fragmented digital media landscape where the typical consumer now shares his time across multiple screens.”

Touching on the numbers, the report notes that 28 percent of smartphone owners also have a tablet. In total, as of December 2012 there are an estimated 52.4 million tablet owners in the US. Alternatively, only 10 percent of smartphone users also have an eReader. But perhaps the key for those who are excited about technology, Linda Abraham , comScore CMO and EVP of Global Product Development believes that “2013 is poised to be digital’s most exciting year yet.” Those interested in reading the full report can grab that right here.

[via SlashGear]