For many companies, Q3 2012 wrapped up at the end of September, so you know what that means: more financial and analytics reports than you know what to do with. comScore delivered its report on US mobile subscriber market share as of the end of September 2012 today, and there are a few surprises to be found within the write-up. Read on to find out more.

Starting right off with OEM market share, Samsung had the highest at 26%, which probably won’t surprise too many folks. Samsung actually made a 0.4 percentage point gain, but that wasn’t the case for LG, which lost 1.1 points between June and September to come in at 17.7% market share. LG is still in second place as far as OEM market share is concerned, but Apple is following closely behind. Apple gained 2.4 points to settle at 17.5% market share – a mere two-tenths of a percentage point behind LG. Motorola and HTC rounded out the top five OEMs, coming it at 10.9% and 6.2% respectively.

When it comes to smartphone platform market share, Google is still comfortably in first place, nabbing 52.5% market share by the end of September 2102. That’s a 0.9 point gain, and while it was enough to put plenty of distance between Google and Apple, the iPhone maker still managed to make more significant gains of 1.9 points. Apple ended September with 34.3% market share, which greatly outpaces RIM’s third-place market share of 8.4%. Microsoft came in at 3.6% market share, while Symbian is close to the bottom with only 0.6% market share.

So, the war between Android and Apple rages on, though Android is still has a big lead. Apple undoubtedly made the gains it did thanks to the launch of the iPhone 5 toward the end of September, so expect both Android and iOS to make some gains in this quarter – after all, the holiday shopping season is almost here, and we have a feeling that the iPhone and various Android handsets will be big sellers. Stay tuned, and be sure to read through comScore’s very interesting full report!