The latest comScore report has been posted and once again we are seeing talk of Android and iOS. The report details the “key trends” in the US smartphone market and covers a three month time period which ended in January. Diving right in with a spoiler, Android was the number one smartphone platform and Apple was the number one smartphone manufacturer.

Specifically, Android came in with 52.3 percent of the market share and Apple took 37.8 percent of the market share. Keeping on the topic of smartphone platforms, the remaining members of the top five include Apple, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian. Apple had 37.8 percent of the market and then positions three though five take a significant drop. BlackBerry was showing 5.9 percent, Microsoft was showing 3.1 percent and Symbian has 0.5 percent.

These numbers were all fairly close as compared to the previous report. Looking at the previous report ending in October 2012 and Google saw a 1.3 percent drop, BlackBerry saw a 1.9 percent drop and Microsoft and Symbian each had a 0.1 percent drop. The big winner here was Apple with a 3.5 percent increase. Otherwise, lets shift over to talk of the manufacturers. Here we saw Apple followed by Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG.

As mentioned earlier, Apple has 37.8 percent. They were followed by Samsung with 21.4 percent, HTC with 9.7 percent, Motorola with 8.6 percent and LG with 7.0 percent. Apple saw a 3.5 percent increase with Samsung showing a 1.9 percent increase as compared to the previous report ending in October 2012. The remaining three included HTC with a 1.7 percent drop, Motorola with a 1.4 percent drop and LG with a 0.3 percent increase.

All said and done, this report noted that 129.4 million people in the US owned smartphones during this report timeframe. That was enough to account for a 55 percent mobile market penetration and that is up 7 percent since October. While interesting to see, it basically just confirms what other reports have shown us, that is to say that Samsung and Apple along with Android and iOS are taking top honors in terms of smartphone use.

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