One of the first things that most users do after buying a new smartphone is start loading the device up with new applications, assuming the handset supports them. There are quite a few apps available for the Android platform and if you are looking to put some free apps on your device, Computer World has offered up its top ten picks.

The top pic is GDocs to allow you to write and edit documents and view spreadsheets. Business users will find this app appealing. Imeem Mobile is number two and allows you to stream music over the Internet. The app can also play in the background while you do other things.

Locale is next on the list and is a location-aware settings manager that lets you do things like dim your screen automatically when the battery hits a preset point. Rounding out the top list are Palringo, PicSay, RingDroid, ShopSavvy, TuneWiki, Twidroid, and Video Player.