If we told you that there was a way to get 7 to 8 hours of “screen on” time on your OnePlus 3, would you go for it? We bet that if you own a OnePlus 3, you would at the very least be mildly interested. There’s a group of developers that have created “Advanced Kernel Tweaks” for the OnePlus 3, and depending on the profile you activate, it can give you boosts on battery life or performance.

7-8 hours of screen on time is in fact a ridiculous claim to make, but the XDA community has backed it up with proof. In fact, the creator “Asiier” has even pushed the limit to 14 hours, although it was by using minimum brightness and Wi-Fi only. The point really is, the kernel profiles provided here range from “battery saving”, “balanced”, and “performance”.

The developers assure users that balanced and performance profiles have no lag whatsoever, and even give your battery life a boost as well. How does it work? The developers say all it takes are modifications made “using an old school governor featured in practically every kernel”. You will need to root your phone to use this, but it looks interesting, especially if you’re looking to get the best out of your OnePlus 3.

Head on over to the official XDA thread to get to the download files. But we warn you to make sure you read up on what this kernel tweak does, so that you understand what to expect of it. A bit of reading will get you some information on what the tweaks do, and so you’ll probably be happier with the added performance boosts or battery life.