As more houses start adding even more smart devices, the problem is that we now have a lot of apps and devices to control these various gadgets. Of course it will become confusing and eventually high maintenance. So what if there was just one app that you can use to control all these smart home devices? Well, Comcast is trying to do just that with their Xfinity Home app, as they add more brands to a single platform for automation and connection.

Those who already have the Xfinity Home app will now be able to add the following devices to the app: August Smart Lock, Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller, Lutron’s Caseta light controls, and the Nest Learning Thermostat. Now you might say that those are just a small number of smart devices, but at least it’s a start. So if you own any of these devices, you’re set. And if you’re planning to buy similar ones, then you might veer towards these specific brands since having just one app controller has its benefits and appeal.

They have also been working on a Software Developer Kit (SDK) so that it would be easier to have other partners integrate their smart products as well on the Xfinity Home platform. Eventually, Comcast is also looking at having this platform on their set-top box and Voice Remote controls as well. And for even better integration, they will also be eventually opening WiFi and “well-documented APIs” to the connectivity options.

The smart devices that will undergo integration with the app will have the label “Works with Xfinity Home” which might be a selling point eventually as more and more devices get connected. You can download the Xfinity Home app from the Google Play Store for free.

SOURCE: Comcast