Terrestrial and even digital TV providers have to find a way to stay alive in this age of on demand video streaming services. Their main advantage for now is that they can offer live TV, although that may change in the future as more shows are actually bringing same-day-airing episodes on services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Comcast wants to keep up and so now they’re bringing the Xfinity Stream app so their subscribers can access live TV and download shows for offline viewing, wherever they may be.

The soon-to-launch app will be free for those who are subscribed to Xfinity TV on Comcast and they will be able to use the app for more than just watching their favorite TV shows. They can access more than 200 live channels but they don’t need to just be at the house to watch these shows. There are also more than 40,000 on-demand shows that you can watch and even all the shows saved on your DVR can be accessed.

Subscribers also have the option to download their saved shows to their mobile device so they can watch it even when offline on their tablets or laptops or smartphones. This is good news for those who have a lot of waiting time while commuting or in line somewhere that doesn’t have Internet. Channel filtering will also be something that you can do as well as have easy search since there are so many available channels and shows.

The app will also give you access to ratings and reviews from Common Sense Media, plus switch to a Spanish-language guide, in case you need it. The app will be available for download by February 28.

VIA: SlashGear