Comcast and EA revealed a partnership today to get people gaming on their high-bandwith Comcast X1 set-top box. They call it “Xfinity Games” and the US cable outfit is partnering up with video gaming giant EA to bring casual gaming to big screen TVs that have Comcasts’s X1 set-top box. The new servicer, now in beta launch, is aimed squarely at families who want to play casual games on their TV.

The service is quite simple – games will be streamed to your TV from the cloud via your Comcast X1 connection, and these games will be mostly EA’s games. The list includes (for now) Real Racing 2, FIFA Soccer 13, MONOPOLY, NBA Jam “On Fire” Edition, PGA TOUR Golf, Plants VS. Zombies, Peggle Nights, Word Whomp Underground, and World of Goo.


Users will get to use their smartphones and tablets as controllers. Comcast and EA say that there will be no additional downloads on the set-top box or the mobile device, so we’re not quite sure how that will work. Still curious? Check out the marketing video below.

The obvious questions will be, how will Comcast users be paying for this? For now, the answer is that the service (while in beta) is for free. What it will do is that it will count towards your data cap, if you set up your account with that. If any of you guys are on X1, why don’t you jump on these and tell us all about it?

SOURCE: Comcast