Today we learned about a neat new app and tool that has arrived on the Google Play Store for Android. It’s called the Color Blindness Test and is developed by a company EnChroma. Now we’ve seen a few of these in the past but what makes EnChroma different is their app has been scientifically proven and validated to accurately test for color blindness. The first app on the Play Store to have that claim. More people mix up their colors than you think, so check it out below.

EnChroma’s brand new Color Blindness Test for Android is rather bland on the UI, but it’s all about what the app does that makes it important. Did you know that 8% of men have color blindness with red-green, and the numbers vary from there with others? Add them all up and the amount of people with some sort of color blindness is quite staggering. To the tune of over 10 million Americans.

EnChroma has developed a simple and free test for Android smartphones and tablets that can quickly and easily test for multiple stages of color blindness. You can try it free on their site, or of course download the app for Android smartphones and tablets. This is one of the first free apps that can accurately detect the colors of issue that is also backed by scientific claims.

Giving the app a quick test was rather interesting. The user interface could sure use a little facelift but then again, it’s all about the colors. Different Super AMOLED displays vs SLCD from HTC and more could cause a few issues, but shouldn’t be enough to sway results as the test is pretty thorough from our try. Good news, I see all colors accurately and normal. The end result finds EnChroma trying to sell some expensive correction glasses, but the app is pretty fun for those who’d like to check out their eyesight and color blindness. Get it from the Play Store and try it today for free.