Collabora Office 6.4

If you are a fan of Collabora and prefer it over other similar programs, you may be happy to know that Collabora Office is now available for Android and Chrome OS. It comes with an improved user interface that is more fun and easier to navigate. This also brings some of the features and enhancements from Collabora Online 6.4. Most of Collabora Office products are supported so you can be more productive than ever whether at home, in the office, or while on-the-go.

Take advantage of Collabora Office Enterprise subscription. It lets you edit documents smoothly. Notice the polished user interface of the NotebookBar as requested by users. You will notice less Siderbar as shown by clear tabs similar to Collabora Online.

Using Collabora Office on tablet shows a more user-friendly tab layout. With the design, toolbar clutter is decreased. The tabs also don’t clash now with the status bar.

Read-only document can be switched to editing mode. The ‘save as’ option is now available so you won’t lose any data or part of the document. It can be used yet still preserve the original version of a file.

The updated Collabora Office now offers faster and improved document handling. You may also notice better presentation of Microsoft document elements, faster loading of larger docs, semitransparent text, gradient backgrounds in slides, and enhanced better SmartArt support. Most of these are the changes aded to Collabora Online 6.4 and Collabora Office 6.4 on desktop. Other special features and improvements are as follows: multiple documents open at the same time, third-party fonts, and Dark Mode support on Android.