While smartwatches have made our communication and digital lives a little bit easier, it is still very limited, with most of the wearables just showing us notifications of incoming calls, messages or app activities. But acting on those notifications is not yet that great. Thank goodness for app developers because now, you can actually respond to messages without needing to take out your phone or looking silly talking to your watch with Coffee app for Android Wear.

The app says that it is the first messaging app that can use your smartwatch to respond to SMS communication so you can be responsive while you’re on the go, wherever you are. With just a few swipes or taps on your wearable, you will be able to send messages in a more “subtle manner” if you’re in a situation where taking out your phone is inconvenient or not socially acceptable.

Coffee has around 100 preset messages that you can use to respond to important communications you have to respond to at that moment. You can also customize a certain number of those messages if the preset ones do not match what you’re trying to say. You can also choose the vibrating patterns for certain contacts so that you can actually know who’s sending you messages.

While most of the Android Wear apps are just smartphone apps optimized for the wearable, Coffee is actually created from the ground up and conceptualized for smartwatches. You can download Coffee for free from the Google Play Store.