Tablets are the new thing in the world of Android. Many manufacturers are pumping out tablets as fast as they can to ride the wave of hype that’s been made with the iPad’s introduction and success. Following many others is Coby, who have now released a new 7-inch internet tablet.

It’s definitely not a powerhouse. Behind it’s 7-inch resistive touchscreen display it’s sporting a 800MHz processor, 4GB of memory- with expansion up to 32 with microSD, and it’s running Android 2.1. It features an HDMI port which will allow you connect to a HDTV to share 1080p video, music and photos.

The only place to pick up one currently is the Home Shopping Network. It may be showing up in retail stores in the future, but now your only way to grab one would be through HSN. Coming in at $299.99 it’s a fairly decently price tablet if you’re looking for something less mainstream and serves as a capable budget tablet.

[Via SlashGear]