A new Android Music app for CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) has been revealed, complete with gesture- and motion-controlled playback, custom lockscreen integration and downloadable themes. The handiwork of Andrew Neal, the new app is intended to replace Android’s native – and little loved – Music app, supporting a high degree of customization per user.

The “theme engine” is the root of that customization support, meaning “every drawable (images, backgrounds, etc), all text views, and each seek bars can be themed.” The native theme resembles Google’s own app.

However, unlike Google’s version, this new app supports play/pause control by flipping the phone face down on the table, as well as shaking it to perform custom actions (such as randomizing playback). Both flipping and shaking are supported while the Music app is running in the background, too. There are new homescreen widgets, fully integrated search, social sharing and more.

The app – which will be renamed before release – is expected to drop in a the next few weeks. It will be included as part of a future CM9 build, but will also be released via the Android Market.


  1. Everytime I hang up on a call or remove my headphones the music starts playing even though the music was off before I made the call or removed the headphones. Very annoying, other than that it’s pretty nice!


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