The OnePlus X is a clever little device from OnePlus, and it was made to appeal to those who do not want a full-sized smartphone in their hands. To each his own, eh? But the OnePlus X is a good argument for those who prefer smaller phone – just all of 5 inches and specs that are still competent enough to get you through the day, and then some. The official update of the OnePlus X to Marshmallow may still be in the works, but CM13 will do the job for you if you’re feeling a bit impatient.

Nightly builds of CM13 – CyanogenMod’s Android Marshmallow equivalent – are now available for the small but robust OnePlus X, and all of you OnePlus X owners who are comfortable with flashing custom ROMs might get excited about this. OnePlus has generally built their phones with a tendency towards modding and tweaking, so unlocking, rooting, and getting a custom recovery into your OnePlus X should not be too difficult.


The nightly builds are available via the CyanogenMod download page, with the device code name “onyx”. Of course, you will notice that they are calling them “nightly” builds for a reason – you are bound to experience some bugs and kinks not yet figured out in one way or another. But if all you want is your OnePlus X to be on Marshmallow, this is your in.


Download the files, and check out instructions here at the official XDA thread. Happy flashing, you guys, and tell us all about it when you can.