Some good news this morning for those with a Cricket branded Galaxy S III or a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet — you now have a nightly build of CM10.1 available for use. This latest CM10.1 nightly announcement includes just that one Galaxy S III, but several of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 variants. That list includes the Wi-Fi (p4wifi) only model as well as the 10.1 (p4), 10.1v (p3) and the T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless models.

These builds can all be grabbed from the Cyanogen branded website, just make sure you grab the appropriate build for the device you have. And as we have seen with other CM10.1 builds, these will give you Android 4.2 along with some CyanogenMod specifics. Also worth noting, the nightly builds are probably best used by those willing and/or able to accept and deal with some bugs.

Moving away from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and we have the Cricket variant of the Galaxy S III. And while this is a nightly and there may still be a few quirks, it was noted that this nightly release comes with a fix for the issues that plagued the camera in the past. The CM10.1 Nightly for the Cricket Galaxy S III can be found on the website.

Bottom line here, this is just another bit of nightly related builds. These builds are fun to play with and often stable enough for daily use, but as mentioned earlier — they may contain some issues. Simply put, if you have just one phone and you rely on that phone for your daily needs (whether those be personal or work related), you may want to skip the nightlies, just to be safe.

[via Google+]



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