cm security applock and antivirus

Reports of phones getting hacked and contents being leaked on the Internet can be quite scary. I don’t agree with taking photos ‘NSFW’ because anyone could see them even if you’re being to careful. You can lock all the photo albums you want but the phone can be stolen, right?

How about your social media apps installed on your tablet or device? You think it’s safe even when you’re with family and friends but you know some people can be nosy, snooping on your accounts, checking what’s on your inbox, etc. That’s why using locks for the app is highly recommended. There are many similar apps available for Android but one of them is the CM Security AppLock & AntiVirus.

Cheetah Mobile, developer of the app, recently released an update to include a new feature of the AppLock — Intruder Selfie. The feature now allows the phone to automatically and discreetly take a photo of someone who entered the wrong password twice. Now you’ll know who’s been snooping on your Facebook and Whatsapp. Gotcha.

The CM Security is more popular for being an antivirus engine but it can also lock apps you don’t want other people checking out on your device. With the App Lock function, you can lock apps, photos, files, privacy, and settings. The Locate Family feature lets you know where friends and family are located. The app also turns into a “find my phone” tool whenever it’s stolen so you can say it’s an anti-theft feature. Locate the phone on a map easily and track the thief.

Download CM Security AppLock &AntiVirus from the Google Play Store