Cyanogenmod 12

The CM 12.1 nightlies rolling out to a number of device is one step further into a more improved platform. The Android 5.1 release soon made the Cyanogenmod community busier than ever to integrate the version to CM11.0 and CM12.0. There’s more focus now on CM 12.1 but the developers should work on it faster before the Android M is released later this year.

For now, the releases for 11.0 and 12.0 are available. Good news for those using CM but some people are wondering why there is still 11.0. Well, just like with the regular Android Lollipop, not all Android phone owners are able to upgrade to Android 5.0. There are many factors but as you know, most rollouts depend on the the phone manufacturers and the mobile carriers. Unless an Android phone owner knows how to hack or understand codes, one needs to wait for the official OTA update. There may be others who really don’t want to upgrade or they don’t like Material Design at all. Truth is, some people are afraid of change so they are adamant to update to  CM12 instead.

Because of this, CM11 and CM12 nightlies are still in underway. These recent updates should be available to anyone who dares to upgrade. No major issues are expected to be encountered but those moving from 11.0 to 12.0 must update recoveries first.

Those 11 and 12.0 nightlies will be discontinued in time especially once the Android M is released. The Cyanogenmod team is now working on the 5.1.1 build so we’ll wait for that one too.

SOURCE: Cyanogenmod