Just like waving at people you want to talk with in hallways in real life, you’ll be able to do so virtually now on Clubhouse. The popular audio app is introducing an easier way to start conversations with other contacts that are also online with a feature simply called Wave. Users will just have to tap the wave icon to those they want to engage with and if accepted, it automatically creates a room with you and the other people you waved at.

When you navigate the Hallway, you’ll be able to see which friends are “roaming” and may be available to start a private chat. Swipe right or tap the dots icon on the bottom left of the screen. You can then tap the wave button next to the names of the contacts you want to invite. They’ll get a notification and they can either reject (which you won’t know) or accept. If they choose the latter, they’ll be added to a private room with you and the other people you waved at.

You can send a Wave to as many people as you like and you’ll receive a notification when someone joins your room because of your Wave so you can start the conversation. You can choose to just wave at people who know each other or use the room to also introduce friends from different groups to each other. You can also choose to eventually open up the room to everyone (if everyone agrees).

While you’re waiting for people to accept your wave, you’ll still be able to browse the app and even join other rooms while waiting. The tiny Wave bar will show up on your screen while you’re browsing so it will be easier to cancel a wave that you’ve made. If the Clubhouse app is put into the background, the waves will be paused so you don’t get pulled into a room when you’re busy doing something else.

Clubhouse says more than 700,000 rooms are created every day so this might increase that number. The Wave feature is now available for all users on both Android and iOS.