It can be a bit frustrating for Android users to be reading all about how Clubhouse is the next big social media darling. It’s like trying to get into an exclusive club that doesn’t want to let you in right now. The audio-centric social media network is still by invite only and is available on iOS and not on Android. But that may soon change as Clubhouse folks are hinting that they may soon release an Android app, maybe as early as next month.

Mopewa Ogundipe, an Android developer at Clubhouse posted a cheeky “How it started, how it’s going” meme on Twitter. The How it started part shows “sent from my iPhone” while the how it’s going pic showed “sent from my Pixel”. People assume it’s a hint that they’re just about ready to launch. Morgan Evetts retweeted it and says that Mopewa has been working on the Android app for six weeks now “and it’s coming on nicely.”

While people have been raving about Clubhouse as the new “it” thing of the social media world, some are just going on the word of iPhone users. But the buzz has led other bigger networks like Facebook and Twitter to start developing their own version of the audio-only app. Twitter in particular has been testing out Spaces and even acquired podcasting app Breaker so their team can help develop the audio feature.

And while it’s not unusual for new apps to start off being exclusive to iPhones only, if Clubhouse really wants to gain more users to be able to compete with Twitter and Facebook, they need to hurry up with the Android port. They did say they are making it a priority but we had not heard much about it after saying that as they’re probably focused on making sure it will be stable and secure upon launch.

Well if the tweets are to be believed, then we can expect the launch of the Clubhouse for Android app by May. The question would be what will happen if both Twitter and Facebook will be able to launch their own products, Spaces and Hotline respectively, ahead of that or at the same time.