Even though Clubhouse is one of the most popular apps for the past year or so, it was mostly an exclusive club for iOS users. It’s only this May when it finally became available for Android users but even then, it was still by invite only. Now it looks like the developers are getting ready to release it to the general public sometime this summer as anyone who wants to sign up for the audio-only social network will be able to do so.

After all the Zooms and Google Meets and video calls that we’ve been attending the past year, there’s something refreshing about an audio-only space where you don’t need to be camera-ready. That’s probably the biggest appeal of Clubhouse, so much that Twitter and Facebook started creating their own versions of the app. Twitter’s Spaces seems to be doing well while Facebook has yet to make their feature available to a wider audience.

This is probably one of the reasons why Clubhouse is starting to become not so exclusive. In a series of tweets, they talked about some of the highlights from their recent Town Hall. The most important highlight is that they will soon make the network available “sometime this summer”. They shared what to expect in general from the next few updates which will be about discovery, notifications, and crucial improvements.

They also shared that they now have more than 2 million Android users even though they just started making it available the first week of May. It may not have feature parity with the iOS version but they said they are “getting closer” to it every day. So until they officially make it available to the general public, they will probably be working on making their network stronger as they may deal with a sudden influx of users that were waitlisted or waiting for an invite.

When Clubhouse becomes not exclusive anymore, we’ll see how it can compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook who may have more “power”. We’ll update you once we get an official date for the rollout.