We totally missed the Clover app being removed from the Play Store but it’s back up and ready for download according to Redditor Sietse. The app used to browse imageboard 4chan.org is a free software that is described as an efficient image viewer. You are free to view images on 4chan–an image-based bulletin board that allows netizens to post random images and leave comments.

4chan is another time-waster–a rabbit hole. You won’t notice time once you’re on the website because there are too many interesting and funny stuff posted. Anyone is free to browse all boards and make their own treads, post replies, and bookmark other threads. App already features Material Design elements. It also features inline WebM support, an album downloader, history, and thread watcher notifications.

Last January 17, the app was suspended from Google Play according to the developer due to “Violation of the sexually explicit material provision of the Content Policy”. That’s according to Google. Floens quickly made an appeal. Apparently, the last version of the app uploaded showed some NSFW photos and the Android team flagged them as inappropriate.

The first appeal was denied but after a few tweaks, Clover already appeared on the Play Store. Yup, the imageboard browser has been re-uploaded. Get it now before it disappears again for whatever reason.

Download Clover – imageboard browser from the Google Play Store

VIA: Reddit