If you are an Android fan in the UK, hoping to get a smartphone with decent specs at a good price the ZTE Skate might be the smartphone for you. The phone is sized similarly to the HTC Desire HD, but will be much cheaper than that HTC offering. The Skate uses Android 2.3 and has a giant 4.3-inch touchscreen. According to one UK retailer the Skate will be coming soon and will sell for a great price.

Clove reports that the ship date for the Skate is September 19 and the phone is up for pre-order at £250. That makes the Skate a good £200 cheaper than some of its rivals. The Skate will hit Orange on the pay as you go plan where it is though the price might be even lower than the £250. ZTE hasn’t confirmed that Clove has the price correctly so this side of a major price error on the Clove website the Skate looks to be one of the better bangs for your Android bucks out there.

The smartphone has a 800MHz processor, a microSD card supporting up to 32GB cards, and 256MB of RAM. It also has 512MB of ROM and a scant 150MB of internal storage. The native resolution of that big 4.3-inch screen is 800 x 400 and the device operates on GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 and 3G/HSPA 900/1200 networks. The device has Bluetooth and WiFi as well.

[via Electric Pig]