There’s a new player in the social networking game and it promises to give a voice that 800 lb. Gorillas like Facebook and Twitter can’t … emotion. The service is called Cloud Talk, and it will be bringing to both Android and iPhone devices the ability to post voice posts, photos, videos, and if you must, text messages. The difference is, that instead of having people “follow” or “friend” you, users can invite others to join in the conversation. Then, they can either provide a voice, text, video reply in the thread.

“We’re leading with the smart phones, because that’s what people use for communication. We’re at a transition where the mobile is more important than the Web,” said CloudTalk’s chief marketing officer, John Linney.

The current version of Cloud Talk, which was originally released as in 2009, is available as a web version in beta, does have several of the features of the mobile apps like community content, but users sign up and get a feel for how it works. As users are invited to and add to the conversation, all others are notified of new content. It’s quite similar to Google Wave. But unlike Facebook, contributors can’t see the see others contacts or add friends.

The benefits of voice and video contributions is subtly, emotion, and even comedy and sarcasm, things that can often get lost in a text reply. It also provides the complexity that can be sacrificed with an arbitrary 140 character limit. Businesses may find it ads layers that will enable for training, product descriptions, and strategies. Look Cloud Talk in both the Android Market and iTunes store starting today.

[via PCMag]



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